Unshackled Youth Ministries(Ps. 107:14) believes the youth are one of the most important parts of the church. They are the next generation of Ministers, Teachers, and Pastors. Without them, the church would have no future. Our targeted age group is 13-18 and we meet regularly Sunday mornings at 9:45am and Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. Our purpose is to help each student find God and build on their relationship with God. Our Goal is to give each student a firm foundation in Christ so nothing the world throws at them can shake them. This is achieved through bible studies and lessons that are made relevant to the student’s age group and that can be applied to their everyday lives.

We also like to have fun and believe in engaging our students with exciting activities with God as the focal point. Many of our activities include lock-ins, concerts (such as WINTERJAM and SONFEST), movie/pizza nights, WINTERFEST, and Summer Church Camp.

If you would like more information regarding Unshackled Youth Ministries or any future events please contact us at 614-873-3632

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