Seniors are the heart of the Church. The “seasoned saints” have been through almost every obstacle that a person could have and deal with while being a Christian. They are there for everyone, being willing to donate their time and money whenever they can.  When asked to volunteer for church events,  they step up right away, sometimes not even being asked, they just step up. They therefore deserve a lot of TLC and that is what the Young at Heart Ministry is about.

The seniors of Living Waters go on field trips, including  but not limited to, Gospel concerts, Luau parties, Christmas get-togethers, Senior Banquets.  We treat them to birthday and Christmas presents each year.  There are pizza parties, games events, and other activities that are designed to entertain, connect, and provide healthy/fun outlets of engagement for our treasured seniors.  We don’t want any of our seniors to sit around, entertaining depression or forgetfulness.  They deserve to be spoiled and that is the goal of the young At Heart Ministry. We want solid, vibrant, healthy entertainment and care for the senior of Living Waters. Please “come and see” us at Living Waters and find out what this ministry has to offer ….

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