Sunday Morning ministries is comprised of two facets-Worship Service and Kids Church. Worship service is our main gathering/celebration time and Kids Church exists to provide the teaching and training of children that are not quite ready for the full sanctuary service experience of Morning Worship, but yet still equipping them and preparing them for life in the world.  It begins with The Jubilee Class-Nursery(0-3).  Next, we have Kids church for children from ages 4-12, where they gather to have a combined worship experience.  Following their time of worship, they split into two groups, 4-7 and 8-12’s, to minister more effectively to the learning capabilities of these two groupings.   Also, from time to time, the Little Angels Kids Choir, consisting of all the kids from 4-up, performs in service for the people in the sanctuary.  13 year-olds and up are in the Morning Worship service, for interaction together as we worship God on a more mature level.

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