Sunday School is a vital link to discipleship that has been a major part of the Church of God since its inception over 100 years ago.  At Living Waters, we engage in this ministry to help equip young and old with Biblical tools for practical Christian living in a lost world.  There are classes for all ages, beginning with the Jubilee class(Nursery)0-3, The God Squad (4-7 year olds), Merge (8-12 year olds), Unshackled Youth Ministries(for teens 13-18), and Adult Classes for 19 and up.

We strive to bring God’s Word into each classroom by teachers that are inspired by the Holy Spirit.  No matter the instruments we use, Bibles, music, games, songs, or crafts, we desire to spark excitement and interest to follow after God and build a strong relationship with Him and the church.  We challenge our students with fun things in our classes from promotions, to learn Scripture, to brining in pennies as part of a way to decide who gets a pie in the face on Family Fun Day.

All-in all, we use creative and dynamic ways to encourage learning and develop the heart of discipleship here at Living Waters.

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